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Services & Rates

I try to keep my rates as low and fair as possible, but I'm always willing to accommodate to families in need. All services include regular updates through text messages, calls, and photos/videos of your pets.


Legal Notice: Payments are due within 48 hours of a completed service and can be sent through PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or cash. All transactions are final; no refunds. Failure to send payments will result in termination of future services and possible legal ramifications.

Say hello to new coworker Bucky! We went


Your dog(s) and I will go on a 30 minute walk (about 1.5 miles, on average) through your neighborhood.


$10-15 per 30 minute walk


Drop-In Visits

I will come to your house multiple times per day to care for your pets. Each visit includes potty breaks and playtime.


$20-25 per day for vacations 

$10-15 per day for continuous visits


Overnight Stays

Travel worry-free while I stay at your home with your pets and care for them.

I ensure your house will remain spotless as I always bring my own food and take home any trash I may make. 


$30-35 per day


Waste Cleanup

I will bring my "pooper scooper" weekly or bi-monthly and clean up the dog waste in your yard. You will need to provide your own garbage bags (Kroger grocery bags are best!) for cleanup. 


$5-10 per week

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