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About Me


My name is Kimberly Hinz and I live in Toledo, Ohio. I moved here in May of 2015 after spending my first, almost-30 years, growing up in Cincinnati. The move was a big change, but it was one of the best decisions in my life! 

My pet care knowledge comes from over 25+ years of experience with dogs, cats, and semi "exotic" pets  (e.g., fish, hamsters, lizards) thanks to both ownership and working at animal shelters and within my neighborhood. While most teenagers babysit kids for extra money, I was taking care of my neighbors' cats and dogs! Working at a local animal shelter here in Toledo helped me learn how to care for the most vulnerable of animals. I developed a strong work ethic and tough stomach while cleaning up after sick animals, not to mention cleaning up yards and litter boxes, too! 



Missi (1999-2010)


Luckie (~2009 - 2024)

Lenny (2024)

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